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God's Marriage and Divorce- Email Question-- #2

 A viewer, "Chris," of my YouTubes, a visitor to our websites recently submitted the following questions on the issue of Israel / Judah / God’s promises. Here are the questions followed by my response.  We appreciate the thoughtful questions.
Don K

“In Hosea 1:4 what is the meaning of the cause to cease the kingdom of the house of Israel (not Judah)? I see a distinction between Israel and Judah because of the promise made to David and the lineage of the Messiah. Jeremiah says that God gave Israel a bill of divorce but not Judah??? It seems unfair. Does Judah get divorced in 70 Ad and immediately get gathered together with Israel? Is there a scripture for that? Are those that are gathered together the righteous remnant from both houses? Lastly, “so all Israel shall be saved”, is this the righteous remnant and those who did not forsake to assemble themselves together as they saw the day approaching?” 

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Did God Divorce Israel, But Not Judah? An Email Question

The question of Israel continues to perplex and intrigue Bible students around the world. We are constantly told that Israel remains the chosen people of God and that the events of 1948 or 1967 (take your pick) constitute the fulfillment of prophecy, proving we are in the last days. (Never mind that Israel's return in 1948 was in a state of rebellion and unbelief- in total opposition to the conditions for her return! See my Israel 1948 Countdown to No Where book for a demonstration that those events had nothing whatsoever to do with the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. And what was true of 1948 is equally true of 1967.).

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Follow Up-- Email Exchange on Revelation

Just the other day, I posted an exchange with a visitor to this site, asking some questions about Covenant Eschatology and Revelation. The poster responded with a list of additional thoughts and questions, and I will share them-- with my answers-- with you as time permits.

Don K


From: Tim

Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 2:27 PM

To: 'Don K. Preston'

Subject: Preterist Vs. Futurist - Salvation


Mr. Preston

Thank you for your feedback. After researching your claims, I still have my doubts about Preterism. No one can say for sure when John was exiled to Patmos or when He wrote the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

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Email Question: Are There OT Prophecies of the End of the Miraculous?

A visitor to our sites, and viewer of our YouTube videos, has asked the following question:

Hey Don, thanks so much for all the info on youtube.

i am not very easily persuaded i suppose but since i am struggling with the time texts I cannot but look into this issue still. I just like to ask you to provide for me the verses in the O.T. that would prophesy that miracles were to cease at the coming of the Lord. I listened to your series on miracles and the charismata before, but cannot recall those O.T. verses. I just don't have enough time to listen to all of the segments right now Sad smile emoticon 

I would be happy to hear from you, ... (We will call him "Peter.")

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Questions About Revelation and Eschatology

I have been quite remiss in sharing some of the many, many correspondence posts that I receive, with questions and comments. Below is one received recently, that is very common.



Tim, thanks for posting to me. I will address a few of your thoughts below.


Don K


I have put "Tim's" comments first and then my response. His post has to do with the date of Revelation and the coming of Christ. Tim takes a late date for Revelation.

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