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Guest Article: Rod MacArthur On Isaiah 9f - #4

This is the fourth installment on Isaiah 9 from our friend Rod MacArthur. Be sure to read the previous articles, beginning here.

In this installment, Rod shares from Isaiah how God utilized the Assyrians to accomplish His divine purpose to judge the ten northern tribes for their apostasy. The significance of this is great for understanding God's providence and history.

Assyria” as Yahweh’s agent

Isa. 105–6 shows Yahweh about to “spank” His people using Assyria.

Woe to Assyria, the rod of My anger
And the staff in whose hands is My indignation,
I send it against a godless nation
And commission it against the people of My fury
To capture booty and to seize plunder,
And to trample them down like mud in the streets.

It is as though Yahweh said: “I’m still angry with you; My hand is still stretched out against you, and in My hand is the nation of Assyria.” As we saw, Yahweh’s anger hadn’t been turned away since Israel hadn’t repented. So, Yahweh used Assyria as a rod in His hand to execute His indignation. Whatever Assyria was about to do to them; that was God’s indignation being poured out. God said, “I am the one sending him; he will do my will.”

Isa. 107 Assyria had different intentions.

Yet it does not so intend,
Nor does it plan so in its heart,
But rather it is its purpose to destroy
And to cut off many nations.

Assyria didn’t look to Yahweh for directions. The king didn’t volunteer to do Yahweh’s will. His thoughts upon arriving at Jerusalem were, “Who is Yahweh?” To him Yahweh was no better than any of the gods he had already vanquished. His was not going to be an obedient yielding to Yahweh’s commission. He would do it because it was his intent. He wanted to destroy and to cut off many nations and he wanted to reap the plunder of that destroying. Conflicting interests clash here—the interests of God on the one hand, and the interests of the Assyrian king on the other. In God’s case, it was His anger in punishing His nation; in Assyria’s case, it was his greed: land acquisition and material goods, to conquer and to plunder. Notice how Yahweh used the avarice of the king to accomplish His own intentions. He didn’t force him; but simply repurposed the king’s intent. In our next installment, we will examine God’s promises concerning “Zion.” This is exciting material!

Guest Article: Rod MacArthur On Isaiah 9f

In earlier installments,our friend Rod MacArthur has shared some wonderful thoughts on Isaiah. (Here is the beginning of his series on Isaiah) He continues that study now, as he marches through the marvelous "Messianic Prophet" of Isaiah. We appreciate Rod's great insights, and are sure you will as well!

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Guest Article: Gary DeMar Responds to Current Claims About Isaiah 17- #4

I am sharing with our visitors an excellent article by Gary DeMar of American Vision. The current political and military crisis in Syria has caused many prophecy pundits to claim that Damascus, in Syria, is about to be destroyed in fulfillment of Isaiah 17. As DeMar shows, in a powerful way, this is simply false, and is just another example of the misguided Dispensational paradigm of constant fear monger. Be sure to read the previous three articles:  #1   #2   #3, in order to fully appreciate Gary's comments below.

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Guest Article: Gary DeMar Responds to Current Claims About Isaiah 17- #5

This is the last installment of an excellent response by Gary DeMar to the claims of many so-called Bible Prophecy experts that the current crisis in Syria indicates that the total destruction of that capital is imminent. We are told that this will be in fulfillment of Isaiah 17, and prove that we are in the last days, the terminal generation. Be sure to read the first four articles.

Here are the links to the previous articles  #1    #2   #3   #4.

In this last installment, DeMar examines the historical proof that Damascus was destroyed, in fulfillment of Isaiah 17-- centuries ago-- just as the prophet indicated would happen.

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Guest Article: Gary DeMar Responds to Current Claims About Isaiah 17- #3

Note from Don K. Preston-- One of the glaring problems and inconsistencies in the modern Dispensational world is that on the one hand they tell us we must take the Bible literally. After all, "The Bible says what it means and means what it says", right? Well, in truth, the Zionists then turn around and totally ignore what the Bible says in text after text of prophecy, about when the prophecy was to be fulfilled. (Of course, it should be noted, that many times, the Domionists, who often chide the Millennialists for doing this, then turn around and similarly deny or mitigate the Biblical time statements about "the end" and the resurrection! I am sharing with our visitors some excellent comments by Gary DeMar of American Vision, as he addresses the current claims of the televangelists and so-called prophecy experts that Damascus in Syria is about to be fulfilled as foretold by Isaiah 17.

Be sure to read the first two installments of the series, ( #1  #2) and don't forget that unfortunately, when DeMar cites the Hebrew text, my cut and paste did not capture the Hebrew fonts. Instead, you will find "????) where the Hebrew font should be.

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