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Mall Shoppers Surprised by the Air Force Band-- Wonderful!

While we focus on pretty serious stuff on this site, normally, nonetheless, we sometimes run onto something that is so inspiring, so good, that we just have to share it with you. Sometimes it may be humor, sometimes it may be news. Well, this time, it is a wonderful surprise sprung on the shoppers at a major mall. The surprise was a "Flash Mob" surprise concert by the United States Air Force Band. Take a look at the video, and pass it on!


This was just awesome!



An Important and Exciting Announcement!


Don K. Preston and Preterist Research Institute of Ardmore, Oklahoma, is very excited to announce that formal agreement has been reached for a formal public debate, to be held at the Annual Preterist Pilgrim Weekend, July 19-21, 2012. Venue will be the Ardmore Convention Center.

The participants in the debate will be Joel McDurmon, Postmillennialist, who is the Head of Research, at American Vision (President Gary DeMar), of Georgia.. Don K. Preston, President of Preterist Research Institute of Ardmore, Ok. will be the other disputant.

Propositions for the debate are:

On Thursday night, July 19, Don K. Preston will affirm the following:

Resolved: The Bible teaches that the final, end of the age coming of Christ and the attendant resurrection from the dead, occurred at the time of the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70.

On Friday night, July 20, 2012, Joel McDurmon will affirm:

Resolved: The Bible teaches a future return of Christ with an attendant resurrection of the dead.”

On Saturday morning, July 21, there will be a two hour informal Question and Answer session in which McDurmon and Preston will answer written questions that have been submitted by the audience the previous two nights. This session should be a lot of fun, with friendly interaction between the two men.

Registration is $55.00 per person, $100.00 per couple. More specific details about the debate will be forthcoming over the next few months. You can make reservations through our store here. Or you can send an email to Don K. Preston now. You can reserve your spot by sending payment via PayPal, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or send a check or MO to:

Don K. Preston
JaDon Management Inc.
1405 4
th Ave. N. W. #109
Ardmore, Ok. 73401

Be sure to make a note that you are registering for the 2012 debate.

We are already receiving registrations, so don't miss out! Send in your reservation today!!

We are in the process of planning some special activities in addition to the debate, so you will not want to miss out on this great time!

Make your plans now to be with us, July 19-21, 2012, at the Preterist Pilgrim Weekend, here in Ardmore, Oklahoma!

For recommendations on hotel accomodations, please visit this page here.

Great Special Hotel Rates for Preterist Pilgrim Weekend 2010!!

We are pleased to announce the arrangement for some excellent discount rates for those attending the 2010 Preterist Pilgrim Weekend.

The SpringHill Suites, which is immediately next door to the Ardmore Convention Center, has agreed to offer a very special price of $89.00 per person for all attendees to the conference! This is almost $20.00 less than last year's rate!

 Make your reservation now! The phone # for the SpringHill Suites is 1-580-226-7100. Be sure to tell them you want a room under Preterist Research Institute, or the conference sponsored by Don K. Preston. You cannot get the reduced rate without registering for the conference. Regular rates are over $100.00 per night!

 When you register, please let me know as well. I have reserved a block of rooms and we must meet that minimum number! So, please let me know as soon as you reserve your room.

This is a very special price, and this is a very nice hotel. Take advantage of this special offer as soon as possible!

Special! Limited Quantity Free DVD Offer

We want to let you know about a very special limited quantity free DVD offer for the visitors to this site.

Brian Martin, author of the excellent book, The Veil of Moses, has recently produced a wonderful DVD entitled "You've Gotta Be Kidding...Right?" This DVD is one of the best introductions to preterism that you will find! It is great! Brian tells me that they distributed over 1000 of these in the first three weeks after its release! Wow!


For a very limited time, and a very limited number, we are going to give away a copy of this wonderful DVD. With the purchase of ANY of our books offered on this website, with a cost of over $5.00, you will receive a free copy of this DVD! Like I said, quantity is very limited, so, to take advantage of this very special offer, pick any of my books, DVDS, or audios, priced over $5.00 (plus shipping of course), place your order, and be sure to tell me that you are taking advantage of this special offer for the free DVD by Brian Martin. You must mention that you are taking advantage of this special offer!


Don't wait! Place your order today, and get this wonderful DVD!

New Audio CD: Thief Coming of Christ

In virtually all futurist literature, the Thief Coming of Christ is set forth as positive proof that the Lord has not yet come. After all, we are told, there will be no signs of Christ's Thief Coming, as opposed to his coming in judgment of Old Covenant Israel. There were signs of that event, but, we are told, there will be no signs of Christ's end of time, end of history coming.
In two formal public debates in 2008 the amillennial opponents of Don K. Preston appealed to Christ's Thief Coming as proof that Christ's A.D. 70 coming could not be his Thief Coming. However, when Preston offered his response, both men dropped that argument!
As a result of the constant appeal of futurists to Christ's Thief Coming, in late 2008 Don K. Preston published his book He Came As A Thief! This book has stirred considerable interest and has already been a great help to numerous Bible students!


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