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Zion, The Perfection of Beauty #2

In our first article about Zion we investigated the significance of the historical city of Jerusalem/Zion. As the Covenant City of God Jerusalem was the center of the world to the Jewish mind. And prophetically Zion plays a central role in God's Scheme of Redemption. This article will examine four New Testament texts and how they deal with the issue of Zion.

ROMANS 11:26-27

"The Redeemer shall come out of Zion"

It is clear that for Paul the Messianic salvation promised to Israel was centered in "Zion" and inextricably linked with the parousia. The apostle quotes from Isaiah 59 about God's promise to redeem Israel. That promise of God is sure; it is "irrevocable" says Paul.

The Lord had already begun to fulfill his messianic promises to Israel because the remnant had begun to enter into that for which Israel sought, Romans 11:5-7. A quick glance at our first article will remind the reader of the interrelationship between Zion and the salvation of the remnant. Zion and salvation go hand in hand! Zion and Israel's salvation cannot be divorced.

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Fifth Annual Preterist Pilgrim CDs!

Don Preston, William Bell, Larry Siegle Good News! The CDs of the Fifth Annual Preterist Pilgrim Weekend are now Available!

The eagerly awaited CDs of the just completed Fifth Annual Preterist Pilgrim Weekend are now available. This year's seminar was even better than last, and everyone said last year was the best seminar they had ever attended!  The theme for this year's seminar was The Eschatololgy of the Parables of Jesus. William Bell of Memphis, Tn and Larry Siegle of California, along with Don K. Preston were the speakers. Each of the speakers was well prepared and brought out of his treasures, things both old and new!

To my knowledge, this was the very first preterist seminar to focus on the eschatology of the parables of Jesus. Yet, the parables serve as the foundation for the gospel itself, even underlying the message of Revelation!

One of the most anticipated lessons of the seminar was Don K. Preston's Jesus' Last And Greatest Parable. In the weeks leading up to the seminar, a flow of emails and phone calls from Bible students attempted to identify that Last and Greatest Parable. Not one person correctly identified it!! You don't want to miss this presentation, or any of the other excellent lessons from the Fifth Annual Preterist Pilgrim Weekend !!


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Welcome to

Eschatology is the study of final events, the second coming, or the "last times" as spoken of in the Bible.

Are you confused about the meaning of the Last Days in the Bible? Did Jesus fulfill his prophesy of the New Testament concerning his return? Matthew 16:27-28 "For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works.  Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom."

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New Book: Like Father, Like Son, On Clouds of Glory

like_father_like_sonThe nature of Christ's coming is being hotly debated, at last. Did Christ predict a return in a literal fleshly body, as most modern believers suggest. Or, was Christ's coming to be an event in which He would come in the same way His Father had come, many times, in the Old Covenant? The latter is the clearly stated truth, yet, this essential truth is greatly ignored by most Bible students today.

The preterist view of prophecy is growing rapidly, across all denominational boundaries. The Gordian Knot problem of the NT. time statements of the nearness of the end is unraveling in light of a better understanding of the nature of Christ's parousia (presence). In short, Jesus did not promise to come back in a physical body! He promised to come as the Father had come, and that precludes a visible, bodily coming!

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