About PRI

The Preterist Research Institute (PRI) is dedicated to advancing the Christian message of Fulfilled Eschatology, also known as Covenant Eschatology. Dr. Don K. Preston is the president and founder of PRI.



The primary purpose and mission of PRI is to lift the veil off of what has seemed to be a mystery for many Christians over the past 2,000 years.  This site is dedicated to revealing the true meaning of “The Apocalypse,” or “The Revelation,” using sound principles of interpretation, consistent methods of exegesis, and using a historical-grammatical approach as we study eschatology (last-things) in general.  We teach and defend what is known as the “Preterist” method of Biblical interpretation, known also as Fulfilled or Covenant Eschatology, which is a New Covenant theological approach.

“In all things we dialogue when possible, debate when necessary, and at all times we display charity and good will.”


Established in 2006, PRI is a not-for-profit organization, founded for the purpose of educating the Christian and non-Christian world. As an educational function, PRI teaches a biblical method of interpretation known as Preterism or Covenant Eschatology. PRI regularly offers public lectures, seminars, debates, books, audio commentaries, and videos for the purpose of religious education. PRI is also dedicated to distributing material around the world to groups including prisons, foreign missionaries, seminaries, churches, educational institutions, and individual groups of various backgrounds. You can also visit our sister websites at www.BibleProphecy.com, & DonKPreston.com